Humanitarian Policy

Our statement of intent to prevent human trafficking and modern slavery

It is our endeavour to ensure absolute transparency in our business with regard to modern day slavery and human trafficking activities, not only for legal reasons, but for the moral ones too.

The scope of this policy reaches to all parts of our business and extends to our supply chain too. We shall therefore commit to routine checks of our main suppliers to ensure their commitment (if in financial scope) is equal to our own.

It is the strict intent of this company to never indulge in crimes of slavery or human trafficking and to monitor its supply chain to seek compliance to the Modern Slavery Act 2015. We are an organisation that provides contracting services and mobile plant hire with or without operators to the civils and railway industries in the UK. We have never knowingly had any involvement directly or indirectly which would, today, breach the Act in any way. We trust our employees carry out their undertakings in a moral and humane way at all times, and we’ll continue to check all employees for eligibility to work in the UK. We commit to ensuring young workers, apprentices and any other vulnerable workers are working with our full support, and are paid fairly and always above the minimum pay threshold, no matter what role they play.

To meet with the requirements of the Modern Slavery Act 2015, we shall upload a copy of this statement to our website homepage to ensure our intent is on display to our customers, suppliers, and personnel; and we shall review the content and effectiveness of our policy on January of each year, sign and date it accordingly.

Readypower is not, has never been, and never shall be knowingly involved in the exploitation of human beings. We shall notify the Public Authority or Secretary of State if we have reasonable grounds to believe a person may be the victim of slavery or human trafficking.

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