Chris McHugh, Junior Engineer

In my first 4 years with Readypower Terrawise, I was employed in the operations team working on many projects across the UK. In this time, I have worked for and with some great people, expanding my knowledge and allowing me to learn new skills to assist my career development.

Alongside gaining experience at the sharp end, Terrawise has invested in my training facilitating me to achieve various competencies. Whilst I have enjoyed being at the heart of operations onsite, I was really pleased to be given the opportunity to follow some of my peers down the technical and engineering path.

In 2019 I was promoted to a Junior Engineer and have enrolled at College to complete a HNC in Civil Engineering. So far, so good and I am really enjoying the new challenges. Having recently completed my first project as Engineer, I was pleased to get some positive feedback from the Clients Project Manager:

“The project has been delivered excellently from your end, which is not only a credit to yourself & Chris, but the entire team. The collaborative attitude demonstrated throughout has significantly contributed to the success of the project, irrespective of the pandemic situation we found ourselves in. This view is shared across the board on my side, with much praise coming my Construction Managers.”

The reassurance that I am performing my duties well was just what I needed, 100% validating that I have made the right step in progressing my career.

I see many opportunities looking forward, completing the HNC, gaining on the job technical and delivery experience and building relationships. In the not so distant future, I hope to progress through the engineering route and into project management.

James Crossen, MD comments, “It’s great to see another young guy progress into the engineering side of the business. Chris follows some of our Project Managers who embarked on same route over the last 10 years or so. He is already making a name for himself as a dedicated and thorough engineer and I am sure he will excel in his career. There is a lot happening at Readypower at the moment with new depots opening in Warrington and Caldicott, new services added to our offer with the recent establishment of our Pway division, contracting services being added to Readypower Scotland’s already successful business, as well as now acting as Principal Contractor to Network Rail. This carefully planned and executed expansion will provide Chris and the rest of our valued workforce the opportunity to develop their careers in the coming years.”


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