Specialist Rail Drainage Services

With 4 wheel drive and crab steer, we can deal with most difficult to access points in a short space of time. All of our machines simultaneously jet and vactor offering considerable time saving benefits and 1 machine controller.

Water is supplied by one of our Unimog bowser units which mobilise 4000-7000 litres. The on track machines can be filled at the access point or from a bridge enabling continuous jetting and improving efficiency.

Nationwide delivery with our own vehicle – The benefits of this include staff well trained in loading/unloading our machines and haulage doesn’t compete with possession time.

On Track

On Track

As on-track drainage specialists we offer the following services:

  • Locating buried catch pits
  • Catch pit clearance
  • Silt and ballast removal
  • Quick clearance of culverts and troughing ducts
  • Water jetting pipe runs
  • Cable duct jetting
  • Wet bed removal
  • Non intrusive excavation around cables
  • CCTV offered

All staff have PTS qualification. On each 3-4 man team there will be:

  • A qualified First Aider
  • A confined space specialist
  • A qualified RPA fitter
  • All staff high pressure water jetting certificated
  • Calm Networks certified – required when drawing water from the network

Reporting CCTV

Reporting / CCTV

With all the work we undertake, we offer an optional in depth Asset Report that summarises all aspects of the job that have been completed and any further work that needs to be done. The report will include the following information:

  • A summary of completed work and any further action that is required
  • Detailed diagrams of the work site including track mileage, drain flow direction, pipe type and diameter, catchpit condition, outfalls, utx and culvert locations
  • Trough drain routes / U-channel drains cleaned
  • Photos of work undertaken

Should more detailed pictures of the drainage be required, we offer an optional cctv survey.

Off Track

Off Track

We offer culvert clearance, ditch clearance and water jetting at 2000psi 28g/m ¾ hose with 100m on reel with multiple jetting heads. Additional hose is carried.

Where off road or inaccessible areas need to be accessed, our machines are capable off track too. The benefit here is that no possession is required.

Our Unimog Bowser has a front mounted jetting hose and 4 wheel drive capability. Should jet and vactor services be required our Rail Cyclone has the capability to reach areas often too difficult or inaccessible to many machines.

The UK’s most experienced Specialist Rail and Infrastructure Services Provider is on hand to ensure your project delivers on time and on budget.

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