Readypower operates our own fleet of modern haulage and service vehicles enabling full flexibility and giving us the advantage to react to any logistics needs instantly, throughout the UK rail infrastructure.

The fleet consists of low loaders, crane lorries and smaller 3.5-ton pickups which offer a one-stop solution for any project or client needs. Our O-licence covers all depots for full utilisation of fleet. All our vehicles are FORS (Silver) compliant and operated by our own fully trained full-time staff.

Low Loaders

Our fleet of new low loaders are the latest addition to our haulage fleet with the latest Euro 6 engines providing an economic, reliable and environmentally clean solution to moving our fleet of RRVs throughout the country. All carry the latest in safety features for working at height protection. They also have large comfortable sleeper cabs for the longer journeys.

Crane Lorries (HIABs)

Our fleet of crane lorries have the latest Euro 6 engines and are fitted with powerful 12m cranes to give optimal reach and minimise the need to re-position the lorry.

Safety features include a fall arrest system as part of the drivers PPE equipment.

Working at height protection fitted as our company standard to all vehicles. All are FORS(Silver) compliant.

Drop-side vehicles (Pickups)

These smaller lorries are a vital part of the haulage fleet and act in a supporting role for the larger lorries. Moving the smaller items of plant and attachments around saving vital mileage on the larger fleet. We have small cranes fitted to enable self-loading by the fully trained operatives so they can work independently and reduce the need for plant movements on site.

All have Euro 6 engines and are FORS (Silver) compliant.

White Fleet

We run our own fleet of vehicles for mobile engineers and machines operatives, so we can react to any event instantly across the infrastructure.

With our own service facilities in Reading, Nottingham, Rochester and Glasgow we are able maintain the vehicles to ensure reliability.

We’re here to help

For more information or to enquire about a service call 0118 9774 901, or call our 24 Hour on Call number 0800 0902407, or email us