London to Corby Electrification Capacity Upgrade (MMLE)

Sector: Rail

Client: SPL Powerlines

Electrification of the Midland Mainline from Bedford to Corby. As part of the project Readypower was awarded the contract to install 140 open-bore concrete foundations for OHLE structures. The scope of works included:

  • Procurement and fabrication of all reinforcement cages and holding down bolts
  • Installation of 1000mm diameter sacrificial steel casings
  • Augering to design depth using our excavator mounted TAD drill
  • Placing and setting reinforcement cages and holding down bolts to the correct orientation
  • Placing concrete and finishing works

Construction Phase

The works were delivered primarily in non-disruptive possessions, 6 nights per week. The average working time on each shift was 5 hours. Works commenced from Bedford and progressed north where we encountered varied ground conditions which required various methods and tooling to achieve depth. On the clients request Readypower accelerated programme to meet key dates. With all plant supplied by Readypower Rail Services, the acceleration was managed and executed internally, mitigating any risk associated with 3rd Party suppliers. Works were completed to a high standard and Readypower continue to support SPL Powerlines on other rail infrastructure projects.

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