Weaver to Wavertree Resignalling Project

Sector: Rail

Client: Buckingham Group Contracting Limited

22 miles of track resignalling, split into 2 phases. As part of the project Readypower was awarded a design and build contract for the signalling sub structures and superstructures:

  • 3 No. Four Track Gantries
  • 3 No. Twin Track Cantilevers
  • 29 No. Traditional Signal Structures
  • 38 No. Lightweight Signals (Foundations only)
  • 9 No. LOC Stagings
  • 4 No. OFF Indicator Brackets on Station Platforms
  • 1 No. Retrofit to an existing signal to enable the installation of an additional signal head
  • Removal of redundant signalling assets

Design Phase

Readypower managed the design through the optioneering stages to sign off at AFC. As the Project was multi-disciplinary, Readypower Engineers were embedded in the project, collaborating with other discipline Engineers, including Network Rail Project Engineers, to ensure the designs were fully integrated and compliant to National Rail standards.

Construction Phase

Both phases were delivered successfully in time for commissioning. This success was down to critical path planning and relentless driving of the programme. The main issue was the limited and varied access to the infrastructure. Missed opportunities, or incomplete works having a huge impact on the tight programme.

Foundations were a mixture of Driven CHS piles, rock anchor with grillage, Cast in situ reinforced concrete gravity pads and pre cast reinforced concrete gravity pads.

The internal capability and capacity to deliver all solutions, afforded tight control over programme, quality, safety and budget. Readypower Rail Services supplied Road Rail plant, piling rigs, MEWPS and cranes to facilitate foundation construction, structure erection and structure decommissioning.

“The way you and your team supported some late challenges following several significant test logs raised by Siemens was supported superbly by your team and effectively and safely carried out. Once again this proved how well our teams work together and between our teams undertook these additional works within a matter of days.”

Operations Director, Buckingham Group Contracting Ltd

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