Doosan DX270 
Ultimate Crane

Doosan DX270 Ultimate Crane

This crane’s capacity for heavy lifting tasks is unparalleled. Not only can it lift up to 12 tonnes, but it is also the only RRV crane with outrigger capability for heavy over-the-side lifting.

Developed by GOS engineering, this crane is based on an RRV 360 platform and can place virtually any structure in or around the track. It has a 15.5 metre telescopic boom and an in-gauge maximum lift of up to 12 tonnes. With its highly impressive capacity for over-the-side lifting, the Doosan DX270 eliminates the need for tandem lifting or rail-based cranes to place structures such as lineside REBs. This doesn’t just equate to cost-savings, but there are clear environmental benefits to not running additional machinery – plus, it runs on the most environmentally-friendly tier 4 engines. It is also approved for ALO working.

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