Readypower has its own fleet of MOVAX pile drivers for use on the Doosan Ultimate 270 RRV

Designed to match the capabilities of larger excavators and to combine a robust structure with excellent pile handling characteristics.

Fitted with heavy-duty arms/clamps capable of driving a wide range of piles including sheet piles, H-piles, tubular steel piles and other pile sections.

They are used on designated machines, Readypower has the MCS lite control system hard wired to the machines for better operator control of the process.

MCS Lite has a cab-mounted electronic control module with a 3.2″ display. The module is capable of controlling the excavator’s auxiliary hydraulics with a proportional pilot valve for the required hydraulic power for the MOVAX equipment.

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Piling Hammer

Readypower has its own fleet of BSP DX-RT Piling Hammers for use on the Doosan Ultimate 270 RRV

The BSP DX-RT range of hydraulic piling hammers have been developed to meet the needs of Railway Infrastructure projects. It’s design allows quick and simple mounting onto the stick of a wide range of small Road-Rail excavators (approx. 30T class machines). The hammer mounts directly to the excavators bucket linkage and the attachment allows for fast erection from horizontal transport position to a vertical plumb working position. Further side plumbing adjustment is possible to give a hammer position ±5° of vertical to deal with the cant of rail lines. During piling the hammer is guided or crowded in the vertical position by the attachment mechanism.

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