RRV Heavy Lift Tracked

Due to industry demands, a bigger, heavier tracked machine was required with the same flexibility as a standard tracked RRV to improve utilisation on site. This paved the way for the heavy lift tracked railer.

It retains the normal advantages of a longer and wider rubber undercarriage than most of the equivalent tracked machines available in the rail industry. In addition, carefully added weight to the counterweight and track frame enables these machines to out lift anything else in its class. This also offers an increased towing capacity of 46 tonnes.

With the latest Spaceguard system fitted this also provides the option of working both all lines open (ALO) and under live overhead line equipment (OHLE). We have a machine for every task.

The fleet consists of Superbug 300, Case CX135’s, Komatsu PC138’s and Kobelco SK135’s.

Superbug 300

The Superbug 300 is a first of type innovative machine exclusively built for Readypower for the track renewals market. It has the ability to undertake every activity on the critical path of a track renewal faster than any other machine of its kind.

It is the only machine in the UK that is able to lay sleepers using a 14-sleeper hydraulic spacer which was also designed and built specifically for this machine. It works by picking up two packs of seven sleepers so the trains can be loaded conventionally, and the machine can revert to using a seven-sleeper spacer as a contingency.

It has a huge digging capacity due to the bespoke 1.8m3 bucket and can shift 3 tonnes of spoil with each pass. The Superbug 300 can dig at 3 times the speed of a standard machine fitted with a standard bucket.

The Superbug 300 runs on a very efficient Tier 4 AdBlue engine and will emit 86% less carbon and 85% less particulate matter than an old machine running on an older Tier 0 engine. This supports the Network Rail strategic objective of reducing carbon emissions on the network.

Case CX135

  • Weight – 20.1 tonnes
  • Maximum reach 6.5m
  • Maximum working cant – 150 mm
  • Towing Capacity inc no of trailers – 46 tonnes / 3 trailers
  • Trailer compatibility air/hydraulic
  • Spaceguard (ALO)on selected machines

Kobelco SK135

  • Weight 22 tonnes
  • Maximum reach 7m
  • Maximum working cant 150mm
  • Towing Capacity 35 tonnes
  • Trailer compatibility air/hydraulic
  • Spaceguard (ALO)on selected machines

Komatsu PC138

  • Weight – 18.7 tonnes
  • Maximum reach 6.75m
  • Maximum working cant – 150mm
  • Towing Capacity inc no of trailers – 46 tonnes / 2 trailers
  • Trailer compatibility air/hydraulic
  • Spaceguard available on selected machines

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