RRV Long Reach

The Long reach fleet is an evolution of the heavylift RRV fleet which allows greater reach and versatility. Both long reach machines were developed with two dipper arms and numerous hydraulics circuits to enable multiple attachment works. The machines can be easily transformed from the short arm heavy lift to a long arm capable of a reach in excess of 10m.

The end result is an extremely versatile machine that enables signalling gantries and other large structures to be installed or renewed at a greater height and radius than before giving substantial cost savings to the customer.

The fleet consists of the Colmar T10000, Giga 12 and its successor the Doosan 270 UHL which has the added advantage of outriggers to improve stability and increase lifting capabilities.

Doosan 270 UHL Long Reach

The machine comes with two interchangeable dipper arms. The 5.5m dipper gives the machine ‘long reach’ ability with a total reach of around 11m. This not only allows you to place overhead line equipment (OLE) structures high up in the air, but also gives you the reach to place materials across adjacent lines and into the cess. This means that on a two-road track you can deliver materials to both sides from one road resulting in improved efficiency.

The second 1.8m dipper arm gives you closer reach ready for heavy lifting whilst a bucket can be fitted for digging and profiling

This machine can run MOVAX and BSP piling hammers with the 1.8m dipper arm fitted.

The Doosan Ultimate 270 is fitted with outriggers which means it has massive over the side lifting capabilities. This is extremely useful when piling lineside enabling the machine to reach and install piles that other machines cannot reach. It is fitted with a spaceguard system so it can work both all lines open (ALO) and under live overhead line equipment (OLE).

  • Weight – 31 tonnes
  • Maximum reach – 10.75m
  • Maximum height – 11.5m
  • Maximum working cant – 150mm
  • Towing Capacity – 70 tonnes
  • Trailer compatibility air/hydraulic
  • Spaceguard
  • Twin cab

Gigarailer 12 Long Reach 4m, 5m dipper

  • Weight 29.3 tonnes
  • Maximum reach 9m to 10.5m
  • Maximum working cant – 150mm
  • Towing Capacity 75 tonnes
  • Trailer compatibility air/hydraulic
  • Spaceguard on selected machines
  • Twin cab

Colmar T10000 Long reach 5m

  • Weight 32 tonnes
  • Maximum reach c10.5m
  • Maximum working cant 150mm
  • Towing Capacity 75 tonnes
  • Trailer compatibility air/hydraulic
  • Spaceguard available on selected machines
  • Twin cab

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