Readypower Group Awarded One Star with GRESB!

Readypower Group has been awarded ONE STAR on GRESB’s International environmental and sustainability benchmarking website on our initial review.

We have actioned improvements to achieve higher GRESB ratings over the coming years and therefore improve our environmental and sustainability performance, benefitting us, our employees, our customers, suppliers and the planet.

GRESB stands for Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark. It is an organisation that assesses and benchmarks the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance of real estate portfolios and infrastructure assets worldwide. GRESB provides standardised and validated ESG data to the capital markets, enabling investors to make more informed decisions regarding sustainability factors when allocating capital to real estate and infrastructure investments. GRESB assessments cover various aspects of sustainability, including energy efficiency, carbon emissions, water management, waste management, social responsibility, governance practices, and stakeholder engagement. GRESB plays a significant role in promoting transparency, accountability, and sustainability within the real estate and infrastructure sectors.

For more information on GRESB, and what they do, please visit their website.