Readypower supports World Mental Health Day 2022

Readypower Group is proud to support World Mental Health Day today, 10th October 2022.

We all have times when we feel down, stressed, or frightened. Most of the time, those feelings pass. But sometimes they develop into a more serious problem and that could happen to any one of us.

How to look after your mental health

Sometimes, finding the words to say how we feel is tough. You can feel like you’re speaking another language – no one else understands.

That’s why Mind want to show the different ways people talk about their experiences. Take a listen to the spoken word pieces on the Mind website. If they speak to you, speak to someone.

World Mental Health Day isn’t just for one day. Look after your own mental health and those around you every day of the year.


The Mental Health Foundation have put together various downloadable resources to looking after your mental health:

One Million Lives by Jacobs: This year’s theme is ‘Make mental health and wellbeing for all a global priority’. Jacobs’ aim is to create the ‘World’s Biggest Mental Health Check-in’ by reaching one million lives using their free mental health check-in tool created to help enhance users’ understanding of their current state of mind.

Join Jacobs in their mission here:

Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity: Their helpline provides a 24/7 safety net for all construction workers and their families in the UK and Ireland. If you’re not comfortable talking about the phone, you can use their text service.

They also have a free app which provides the ultimate self-help tool and is aimed at those who would like more information about how they can help themselves, or take the next step in seeking professional help.

For more information, visit:

Mental Health First Aiders

Erin Neilson, Katie Rutherford, and Peter Morris are our mental health first aiders for the group.

You can contact our mental health first aiders if you are experiencing emotional distress or a mental health issue. They can provide support, as well as aid you in finding appropriate help.