Share with Pride – Superbug 300

Readypower Group is pleased to bring you more, in-depth, information about our amazing Superbug 300 machine!

We needed to design and build a more efficient disruptive machine for track renewals. The machine needed to undertake everything on the critical path of a track renewal faster and more effectively. To achieve this, the Superbug required:

  • Increased digging capability compared to a standard RRV
  • Increased lifting capability compared to a standard RRV
  • Ability to lay sleepers with new 14 sleeper hydraulic spacer
  • To be a heavier machine at 35 tonnes but compact and able to work in confined spaces

The Superbug 300 has fantastic operational benefits:

  • Sleeper laying – we designed and built a new 14 sleeper hydraulic spacer. The sleeper spacer is able to pick up 2 packs of 7 sleepers, therefore train loading does not need to change, and you can revert to a 7-sleeper spacer as a contingency
  • Digging – a standard RRV trackrailer is fitted with a 0.68m3 bucket. The Superbug is fitted with a 1.8m3 bucket meaning it can dig at 3 x the speed of a standard machine fitted with the standard bucket

Due to the bespoke bucket, we can shift 3 tonnes of spoil with each pass which has already proven its benefits for our customers, and is planned for a 15,000t excavation early this year! The Superbug 300 weighs 35 tonnes, however the tracks have been designed to help avoid ‘rutting’ the formation. There has also been recent success on CRSA when the Superbug scrapped out 30ft panels onto a train in a tunnel!

The environment is incredibly important to us and we’re always looking to reduce emissions, so the Superbug runs on a very efficient Tier 4 AdBlue engine. Due to its capability, it will also allow for the reduction in the number of machines needed to complete a job, therefore less haulage and staff driving to the site.

A Superbug 300 running on a Tier 4 engine will emit 86% less carbon and 86% less particulate matter than an old machine running on a Tier 0 engine!