Welbeck Colliery Renewal

Readypower were delighted once again to be working with NWR Leeds Works Delivery at Welbeck Colliery in Week 3, following the successful completion of their works at Leeds Station over the Christmas period. In these unprecedented times the addition of social distancing, personal PPE protection as well as machine cleanliness all added to the challenge ahead.

The plan

Planning for Welbeck Colliery started back in August 2019 with Readypower management playing an integral part in planning the methodology of the works.

The job was comprised of 3 small renewals in a 27 hour possession within one large worksite, so the bar chart and timings were critical as we had to Plain Line 3 separate sections of S&C. The choice of good reliable plant was integral to a successful outcome of what would be an extremely challenging possession given the timeframes and COVID-19 restrictions.

Plant selection was based on reliability scores from PPS and Readypower management’s intimate knowledge of the requirements of the works.

The works

Following a full COVID-19 safety briefing on social distancing followed by a full POS briefing the team prepared to start work. 40 track personnel standing at least 2 metres apart covering a farmer’s field in the middle of the night was a very bizarre sight!

Site 1, Scrap out 2557 A Points,160-yard skim dig, sleeper relay and 60ft rail replacement

Site 2, Scrap out 2555 A/B Points, 70-yard skim dig, sleeper relay and 60ft rail replacement

Site 3, Scrap out 2557 B Points, 70-Yard skim dig, sleeper relay and 60ft rail replacement

Site was set up and possession taken at 01:30 to allow plant to on track and commence work. Site 1 and 2 were completed in tandem. The two machines worked across the two sites scrapping out 230 yards of redundant rail and sleepers before removing the scrap grabs, fitting buckets and awaiting the top stone train.

Once the scrap machines had exited site 1, the D37 Dozer (with 3D laser) and Case CX 135 Rail Bug moved in to level the stone to formation, quickly followed by our Case CX135 sleeper laying machine with the 7-sleeper layer hydraulic attachment. This methodology was repeated on Site 2 whilst one of our new Doosan 270 machines completed the installation of the 60ft rails on the two sites.

The stone train was then re positioned next to site 2 where ballast was dropped using the two scrapping out machines (now with buckets on). Once complete they moved back to site 1 to repeat the process.

Once both sites were complete, ready for the tamper, our attention moved to site 3 where we successfully repeated the same process. All three sites were completed ready for tamping in 21 hours, on plan and on time.

Another great job for our clients at NWR Leeds Works Delivery and another example of NWR and Readypower’s ability to collaboratively plan and execute works together.