Market Harborough Line Speed and Station Improvement

The scheme covered 7 miles of track infrastructure upgrade. As part of the project Readypower was awarded a subcontract, for lineside civil engineering including:

  • 16 No foundations and laydown areas for lightweight Signal Structures.
  • 19 No. LOC foundation and hardstanding areas.
  • 7 No speed sign foundations.
  • 2 No lengths of retaining walls: 60m of Kingpost and 100m of sheet piles.
  • 1200m of Polymer troughing route.
  • Numerous pre-cast bases for Signals, Telecommunication and Points Heating equipment.

Market Harborough Line Speed and Station Improvement

Design Phase

Scheme design was carried out independent of Readypower, however Readypower undertook Contractor Design Portions for piled foundations and superstructure. Praise was received for the designed element as Readypower reduced timescales, procurement lead times and production programmes, ultimately meeting the commissioning programme.

Construction Phase

The majority of the construction was undertaken in a non-disruptive possession programme. The resultant short working windows and working around others, including large track relays, meant planning had to be done earlier than what may have been expected and reaction to change was key to delivery. To be able to continuously re-plan and react to change, Readypower relied heavily on Readypower Rail Services to seamlessly supply specialist plant, maintenance and haulage at very late notice.