New RRV Jetvac

A glimpse at our new RRV Jetvac in build!

This is the first of two new specialised RRV drainage machines due to join Readypower Complete Drain Clearance’s expanding fleet of RRV Jetvacs to meet our increasing work bank of railway drainage work.

Key features of these machines are:

  • 4 wheel drive and 4 wheel steering to make light work of an and off tracking at any access
  • 28gpm @ 2000psi jetting pump
  • 5000cfm air moving suction unit
  • 4500kg water carrying capacity
  • 4500kg debris tank
  • Separate emergency recovery engine to take over all functions should there be a main engine failure
  • 360 degree camera system

Together, with a highly skilled and experience workforce, there are no better machines out there to carry out ontrack drain jetting and catch pit cleaning.

These two new machines and a recently completed Unimog RRV jetting unit will take RCDC’s fleet of specialised drainage machines to seven.

For more information, or to book a machine, please contact Readypower Complete Drain Clearance Ltd.