Sustainability at Readypower

At Readypower Group, sustainability is incredibly important.

It’s vital that we keep up to date with changing laws, regulations, innovations and standards in order to balance the need for the latest eco-friendly machines at a low hire cost.

Our main challenge is utilising our fleet, consisting of 230+ items of mobile plant, lorries, and vans. Our commitment to improve sustainability is led from the top and is detailed in many of our policies. 2020 marked a great starting point for us and we strive to continue to make improvements.

We have made use of the Supply Chain Sustainability School’s assessment tool and resources to improve our knowledge as a company. Internally, we have set up a Sustainability Group with representatives from across the Group. We have accessed over 80 resources through 47 hours of online engagement, of which 24 hours are CPD accredited, to better our understanding of key challenges effecting the construction industry, such as climate mitigation.

Our Gold membership to the School allows us to achieve multiple business aspirations, such as recognition from clients and the wider construction industry, the ability to show tangible commitment to sustainability, and the ability to demonstrate that we are class leaders.